We all live with a duality which is intrinsic to our human nature: on the one hand an inner world of faith, of interiority: the thread of prayer, of relationship to God. On the other, our outer world of relationships with people, with nature: the persona we put forth. It is that "edge" where the outer world encounters my interiority, which I address in my paintings. They are the expression of my experience and emotions. They invite the viewer to share them with me.

I also work as an iconographer. It is through iconography that prayer is brought into the visual world. The iconographer "writes" with the discipline of theological expression, from within an established tradition, imparting his or her personal imprint on a tradition which is received and understood by an entire community. Icons are used in prayer both at home and in church, where each image has its proper place and function. It is a meeting place between heaven and earth, a window through which the beholder contemplates the Kingdom of God.